Ohlone Village  Mural Project
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Since Indian Canyon Village has some of its origins in the Ohlone culture, we offer here photographs taken of a Ohlone Village mural painted on the wall of a freeway underpass at the Main Street Bridge in Los Gatos, California.

The location is at the Main Street overpass on Highway 17, and the actual site is the wall next to the Highway.  The wall is separated from the traffic by a steel fence.  It is necessary to park on Main Street and walk down a footpath to get to the mural.  A map showing the location of the mural can be obtained by clicking here.

Two photographers took the pictures of the mural.  Randy Herrick, a friend of Indian Canyon, took several pictures of the murals and has offered them for viewing on this site.

The webmaster, being inspired by Randy's work, went to the location to get additional pictures.  Since it was not possible to capture the whole mural in one shot, he videotaped the mural while sweeping the video camera from side to side.  Stitching the images in the video by computer provided a composite picture of the whole mural which was otherwise difficult to capture in one shot.

Permission to include these pictures has neither been requested not obtained since it is not clear where to obtain such permissions.  However, both Randy and the webmaster of Indian Canyon Village feel that this work of art should be viewed and enjoyed by a wider audience, and respectfully thank and give credit to the painters of this beautiful mural.


Source: Mural on wall of Freeway bridge in Los Gatos, California.